To kick off our study of the Federal election process, division four invited long-serving Member of Parliament from Langley-Aldergrove, Mr. Mark Warawa, to come visit us and answer our questions. Mr. Warawa was very generous with his time, and answered a lot of different kinds of questions ranging from our questions about Syria, to what his job is like on a daily basis.


On September 29, Mr. Warawa came to my classroom and answered my fellow students’ questions. We asked questions such as: “Who do you think will be elected?” “How many seats are in Stephen Harper’s and Justin Trudeau’s party?” “Can a girl be Prime Minister?” and many other questions. Mr. Warawa taught us all about how the parties like the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP believe different things. We also learned there is a Green Party. Another thing I learned is Quebec wants to be its own country. (Written by CB)

Breaking news! I am KD. Mark Warawa came to R.C. Garnett Elementary School in Langley to answer some questions from a grade 4-5 class. It seemed like Mark, a member of the Conservative Party, came loaded with story’s and answers. Not just Mark Warawa was prepared, but also the students had prepared something too – to ask questions. Mark Warawa was talking about some very interesting stories about his family and his dreams. He included some stories about his laws like the car law where you must unlock your car from a clicker key. Mark Warawa first got elected in 1996 when he had a dream about getting elected. (Written by KD)

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