Congratulations to two division four students who both finished in the top ten athletes at the District Cross Country race last week.

So far this year, we have some students putting up an impressive number of kilometres for Kilometre Club:

  • Ryan (17.5 km)
  • Michael (16.0 km)
  • Kade (16.5 km)
  • Ty (15.5 km)
  • Alexia (12.5 km)
  • Kyan (16.25 km)
  • Bryce (16.0 km)
  • James (14.75 km)



The Federal election is this Monday, October 19.

Who will you encourage your parents to vote for? Why?


  1. Fill out this chart (Voting Chart) and bring to school on Monday. 
  2. Post a comment below explaining who you would vote for, and why? 
  3. Talk to your parents. Ask them who they would vote for. 

Here’s some sites that might help you make a decision:


Mrs. Marcus is our student teacher from SFU. She will be working in division four until the end of November. Please welcome her when you see her.

The Interview, by Nora.

Nora: Do you like cats better than dogs?

Mrs. Marcus: Dogs. I have a pet dog. I like schnauzer dogs.

Nora: What colour do you like?

Mrs. Marcus: I like yellow.

Nora: Do you speak French.

Mrs. Marcus: Yes, I speak French.

Nora: Why do you like to teach?

Mrs. Marcus: I like to teach because I feel I learn a lot from kids.

Nora: Do you believe in equal rights?

Mrs. Marcus: I believe that people should be treated equally.

Nora: What do you think of us?

Mrs. Marcus: I think your class is fun.


Avg. Change (sec) Low (sec) High (sec)
Energy Drink -16.00 -37.00 +5.00
Running Technique -7.38 -30.00 +7.00
Healthy Breakfast -5.00 -9.00 -1.00
Lighter Clothing -4.00 -18.00 +27.00
Stretching 3.00 -14.00 +29.00
1L Water 30 mins before 4.00 -3.00 +7.00

Your class has completed a science experiment researching what factors would best improve the running times of your classmates. Your observation data is shown in the table above.

Now that your research is finished, the Canadian Olympic Committee is interested in your results. They want to know how to invest money in improving the running times of Canadian athletes.

  1. What would you argue would be the best way to improve the athletes’ running performance? Support your conclusions with the evidence in the data.
  2. Which of the following data charts best represents the data you’ve collected?
  3. Which of the following data charts best supports the argument you will make? Which is most convincing? Why?
  4. How could you improve on the chart that you have selected for your presentation to the committee?

CHART A:pie chart

CHART B:line chart

CHART C: bar chart

CHART D:spot chart