The Division 4 “How To” Series

IMG_0127In a class like division four, there is a lot of expertise and experience in most of life’s really important things. It would be really, really selfish for us to keep all this knowledge to ourselves. So, at this festive and generous time of year it would be most seasonally appropriate for us to freely give this knowledge to our subscribers and the worldwide audience.


  1. How to be a Really Good Soccer Player (by Bryce)
  2. How to Make Hot Cocoa (by Kayden)
  3. How to Be Flexible (by Lindsay)
  4. How to Accept Defeat in a Soccer Game (by Daniel)
  5. How to Build a Sandcastle (by Kyan G.)
  6. How to Get Someone to Eat Sand (by Jaden)
  7. How to Miss Hockey in the Morning (by Justin)
  8. How to Play Basketball (by Owen)
  9. How to Shoot a Puck Hard (by Ryan)
  10. How to break your old water bottle to get a new one with only using water (by Brianna)
  11. How to use your I pad (by Norah)
  12. How to Fake Brushing Your Teeth  (by James)
  13. How To Make A Fortune Teller (by Kyan C.)
  14. How to Roast a Perfect Marshmallow (by Abby)
  15. How to be a Really Good Ice Skater  (by Jacob)
  16. How to Survive a Really Long Car Ride (by Lily)
  17. How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog (by Karon)
  18. How to Build a Snowman and Sew a Funky Scarf (by Ashlynn)
  19. How to Get a Dog When Your Mom and Dad Don’t Want One (by Bleona)
  20. How To Break Wood In Taekwondo (by Aichen)
  21. How to do a Tornado Kick (by Jasleen)
  22. How to Be a Good Goal Keeper (by Michael)
  23. How to be an Amazing Hockey Player(by Kade)
  24. How to Style Your Hair (by Ty)
  25. How to do a Back Hand Spring(by Alexia)
  26. How to Make A Paper Airplane (by Markus)
  27. (by Ireh)
  28. How to Make Origami Pikachu (by Bowen)
  29. (by Abishek)
  30. How to Be a Good Midfielder (by Elijah)


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