Here’s a solution to the triangle problem we looked at and built models for on Friday. You can see it fits all five of our criteria: E-A-T-U-S

  • Efficient
  • Accurate 
  • Thinking is visible 
  • Understanding is clear 
  • Strategies are appropriate; it makes sense 

What I like about this solution compared to some others we looked at is that it is really efficient. Efficient solutions are important, but don’t sacrifice understanding something to do it quicker. Take your time and do the work if you need to, or the other criteria (understanding, accuracy, showing thinking) won’t be well done. 

This student has clearly shown where his answer is and he has explained how he got it. His table (strategy) makes sense and we can easily check his addition calculations. He has clearly communicated and shows that he really understands what is required in the problem. 

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