Here’s the solution to our problem. If you were creative, there were a couple of different ways to arrive at an accurate estimate of materials and labour costs. Go to the original problem to review what you needed to do:

Even though there are a couple of different ways to finish off building the structure using the original pattern, such as using a pyramid for the final floor, the final estimate is going to be pretty close to 100 sticks and 52 marshmallows. Anything more is too expensive, and anything less won’t get you to the top of the table (68cm).

But I am really interested in you thinking about and discussing the questions below. So talk about these with your parents or engineering firm partners.

  • Why did you have too many/too few materials estimated?
  • How/why was your cost inaccurate?
  • Did you have a clear strategy?
  • Did you find a pattern?
  • Did you have all the information you needed?
  • Was your estimate clear and understandable?

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