EARTHQUAKES: Essential Questions

  1. How prepared is Vancouver for a major earthquake? What preparations are in place?
  2. What preparations are in place in Langley for the “big one”? Is it enough?
  3. Do we have a good emergency plan for an earthquake at school?
  4. What should people have in an earthquake kit at home? How can we prepare at home?
  5. Is there danger of a tsunami in Vancouver or the Fraser Valley? Why or why not?
  6. How would the earth change if there was a big earthquake near here?
  7. What kind of damage and effects should we expect in the region if there’s a big earthquake?
  8. How many people in Langley are really prepared for an earthquake? What do we need to get more people prepared?
  9. How are earthquakes caused?
  10. What are some examples of really major earthquakes that have happened in the past?
  11. Have there been major earthquakes on the west coast of North America? How do know? What evidence is there?
  12. How are earthquakes measured? Explain.
  13. What places are most in danger of a major earthquake on the west coast of North America?
  14. What is the “ring of fire”? Why do so many earthquakes and volcanoes occur in this region?
  15. What is the Cascadia subduction zone? Why do seismologists expect a “big one” here?
  16. How do earthquakes cause tsunamis? How destructive can they get?
  17. How strong can an earthquake get? What is the difference between different levels on the Richter scale?
  18. Can earthquakes be accurately predicted or detected? How, or how not?
  19. If an earthquake struck, what should people do? Where should they go? Where is the safest place to be?
  20. What are some examples of tsunamis in the past? Describe what happened.
  21. How do you make buildings that can withstand a major earthquake?
  22. How much money and time would it take to repair our community if there was a major earthquake? Prepare an estimate.
  23. How much damage would happen to Vancouver Island?
  24. When do seismologists think the next major earthquake will happen here? How do they make these predictions?
  25. How do dogs hear earthquake waves?
  26. Why do earthquakes cause damage to buildings and the landscape?
  27. Can humans cause earthquakes? How, or why not?
  28. What are aftershocks? Are they dangerous or destructive?
  29. What other dangers can be triggered by earthquakes?
  30. What are techtonic plates? How do they change the earth over long periods of time? Did the continents always look the way they do today?

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