In our efforts to become earthquake experts this month, division four scientists have been researching a number of essential questions that earthquake experts should know the answers to: 

The Dangers of Earthquakes

Our scientific researchers conducted research on one question and then teamed up with another scientist to begin to create an info graphic that would answer their questions. Info graphics are effective posters or charts that grab an audience’s attention and communicate important information using pictures and text.

We started these on Tuesday and will complete them this week using a tool called piktochart. Our scientists know how to log in and continue working on their project if they want to from home.

The criteria for success on this task are:

  1. Inquiry Skills: Is there evidence of thorough research from quality sources?
    1. Are the pictures and illustrations appropriate for my question?
    2. Did I use reliable scientific sources of information?
    3. Do the text and images explain my question well?
  2. Scientific Knowledge: Is there evidence that you are an expert in your question?
    1. Is my information very detailed?
    2. Does my information make sense?
    3. Does the infographic show that I understand earthquake science?
  3. Communication: Is the infographic effective for your audience?
    1. Would other students understand my infographic?
    2. Is my text is visible?
    3. Are my backgrounds and pictures effective?
    4. Does it grab the audience’s (other kids) attention?
    5. Are the colours and fonts consistent?
    6. Is the space well organized?

Here’s some examples of effective info graphics.

Brain size infographiccoral infographicginormoustumblr_nrebg0bWlo1uas5luo1_1280

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