Here’s a problem from a recent math review task:

Kade is organizing a hockey tournament. There are seven teams. How many games in total does he need to schedule? 

What was interesting about this problem is that everyone thought that each team had to play each other once. If so, the number of games would be 21. But that doesn’t include a knock out round or anything else. And, you could have also created a tournament where there was a double knockout and therefore wouldn’t need everyone to play each other once. But, let’s assume the question also said “everyone must play each other once” … So, if that was the case, which solution shown below is the best one?


  • Efficient – no unnecessary steps
  • Accurate – checks answer; seems reasonable
  • Thinking is clear
  • Shows understanding using symbols, language and numbers/equations
  • Uses an effective strategy

Solution 1:


Solution 2:


Solution 3:


Solution 4:


Solution 5:


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