Earthquake Review STUDY GUIDE

Here’s the 9 QUESTIONS students selected for review because they believe they are important to know and understand. Some of our grade fives created short tutorials to help you understand better.

  • Question #1:Explain how earthquakes are caused. Can humans cause earthquakes?
  • Question #2: Describe the effects of an earthquake, and the dangers that earthquakes cause.
  • Question #3: Describe how you can be prepared for an earthquake.

For this question, you can think about when we interviewed the emergency response coordinator for Langley.

  • Question #4: How is the strength of an earthquake measured?
  • Question #5: Explain why the Cascadia region is likely to have a big earthquake.
  • Question #6: Describe how earthquakes cause tsunamis.
  • Question #7: Describe the difference between P waves and S waves.

This video is informative but isn’t clear about the differences. Check out this link:

  • Question #8: How were First Peoples’ stories used as evidence of the last “big one” in 1700 on the coast of BC?

Google doc link to student notes

  • Question #9: How can you design buildings to withstand earthquakes? 



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