PRACTICE/NOTES: multiplication strategies 1-2

Here’s a whole list of math games you can try to improve your multiplication facts at home.

By now however, you really should know 1-10, and once you know those, 11 & 12 are very difficult. If you need practice, try using the practice problems on this site.

Almost every number has a pattern secret, that once you discover it, you’ll understand. There’s also some strategies or principles that you should be able to explain if you understand multiplication well.

  • product is produced by multiplying two or more factors.
  • Multiplication is simply repeated addition of one of the factors. (i.e. 4×5=20 is simply 4+4+4+4=20)
  • Multiplication can also be explained as skip counting by one of the factors. (i.e. 4×5=20 can be explained by jumping 4 times along a number line by the value of the other factor: 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Sometimes counting backward can help with multiplying by numbers close to 9.



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