Students, teach each of the strategies we learned (multiplication strategies 8) to your parents or someone older. Poll them to find out which strategy people think is the best one for multiplying two digit numbers.




So we flipped the math class today folks! Your division four teachers wanted to know if you guys really understand some of the useful strategies for multiplication that we’ve been exploring. So we flipped the class. You are the teachers! Show us how to use these strategies!

THE UGLIES (6x, 7x, 8x, 9x)

Here’s some strategies for the uglies! The uglies are the multiplication facts that we sometimes struggle with or are slow to do. The fact is that you really only have to know your 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x (… and maybe 7x…) and you can multiply almost anything.

Here’s the big idea:

You can use what you already know to figure out the uglies! 




Here’s two games for practicing your fours and threes, and your squares. Use the strategies you learned to multiply these numbers using mental math.


  • Three squares in a row in any direction = one point.
  • If you get it wrong, the square remains unclaimed. Use a calculator to check answers.
  • You can’t re-use squares in a new row of three.


A “square” is the product of any number multiplied by itself. When you hear someone say “25 square feet” what it means is that 25 squares of 1 foot x 1 foot fit into the area. We say “square” because a number multiplied by itself can create a square if you draw it out on a grid.


Here’s two challenges:

  1. How many different squares can you fit on this grid multiplication strategies 5a?
  2. How can you use different squares to fill as much space as possible on the grid? 

The Garnett School Bus


Great work students! Your performance was fantastic. Everyone played an important role as writers, prop artists, painters, and performers. A special thanks to Michael’s mom who provided and delivered all the cardboard we used to create the props.


We are busy getting ready for the spring performance… Preparing props, practicing our lines, polishing our performances. This year’s intermediate celebration of learning will feature divisions 1-7 sharing what they’ve learned about Science in a “Magic School Bus” themed performance. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday, May 11 

1:00pm and 6:30pm performances