Sustainability Research Task

Grade fours! You have a mission today. While the grade fives are away at Yorkson, you need to do some research on whether some of the companies we typically buy products from actually have sustainable practices? How do they use water and other resources? Do they help protect the local and global environment or do they hinder it? How do they transport their products? Are their products transported in an efficient, sustainable way or not? What are their factories and work sites like? Do they spout pollution?

Here’s some ideas for companies you might want to find out about, but you can choose any company you are interested in. You must check with other students to make sure that no group is researching the same company. Everyone must research a different company.

  • Superstore (Loblaws)
  • Walmart
  • Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op
  • Lego

TASK 1: Copy the chart below and use it to organize your research. Use sources that are reliable, trustworthy and readable. Be careful!!! Some sites will be politically motivated or try to convince you that some companies are doing great things! They don’t want to lose your business! Make sure you corroborate any information before you include it on your chart. 



Use of water & other resources
Transportation practices
Pollution & effects on local or global environment

TASK #2: Put together a one-page mini-report that you will share with the class tomorrow. It must be convincing and include a strong statement about whether the company’s practices are sustainable? Support your positions with good reasons and evidence from your research. Your conclusion should explain whether students should support these companies in the future or not?

Include any illustrations, charts or graphics to support your report. You may want to create a short iMovie or create a poster to make your argument more powerful and convincing. Remember, you will share your research with division four students on Tuesday morning.


  • Excellent research from trustworthy sources
  • Corroborate information
  • Consider all the questions and different things to research on the chart
  • Convincing argument with sufficient evidence to support it
  • Well planned and well written with paragraphing, effective introductions and conclusions
  • Where appropriate, include visual images, illustrations etc. to support your research

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