Literature Circles

Hello Div. 4 families.  Today was the second Lit. Circles class with Mrs. Weiss (Wed. mornings.)  We have been practicing our summarizing techniques as we’ve started the book, Kensuke’s Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo, as a read aloud.

We have been exploring the questions:  What is the main point of the chapter?  What is the author telling us?  What are the important details?  What details can we leave out?  An effective summary is  a paragraph of 5-7 sentences.

Due at the end of Thursday (tomorrow) is a summary of Ch. 3.  Students have followed along as this chapter was read aloud in class.  We discussed the important details, and they were given some optional time to write their summary.  Some may choose to work on it at home tonight.  There will also be some time in class tomorrow.

See, Think, Wonder


What do you SEE?

What do you THINK about that?

What does it make you WONDER?

Music Notes…

Today in music, Div 4 engaged in a song about thankfulness.  Ask your child about it.

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