Evaluating Sources Online

I am trying to answer some important questions I have about kids and the nutritional value of the drinks we consume or can buy in stores in our community. Here’s my questions: 

  1. What are some healthy drinks for kids? 
  2. Is drinking caffeine in drinks like Coca-Cola safe for kids? 
  3. What are the health effects of soft drinks? 


When searching on Google, I quickly found the sources below. What can you find out about them? Evaluate them to determine whether they are helpful sources for answering our questions. 

SOURCES TO EVALUATE (source-evaluation):


I have synthesized your (students) ideas below.

SOURCES: PROS (+) CONS (-) Conclusions
Source A
  • has a lot of scientific data on how soft drinks affect kids
  • says clearly where information came from
  •  reading level is too high
  • confusing
  •  Not overly helpful for students to use, but has well supported and reliable information
Source B
  •  none

  • not helpful
  • information is false
  • is a fake/hoax site
  • products don’t exist
  • links don’t work
  • has Paypal link to trick people into paying money
  • can’t tell who created it

  •  good example of how some information on the web can mislead people
  • not helpful or reliable
Source C
  • easy to determine who made it and why
  • provides nutritional information of their soft drinks
  • tries to create good image for Coca-Cola
  • has some misleading information
  • tries to get people to think Coke is doing healthy things
  • helpful because of nutritional information
  • somewhat not credible because they want to sell you products
Source D
  •  aimed at kids and parents
  • can figure out who made it
  • authors are doctors and experts
  • lots of ads and some are uncomfortable for kids
  • has helpful information for research
  • trustworthy authors who have expert knowledge


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