Student-Designed Experiments

In an interesting development in consumer research, an independent study conducted by three scientists at RCG University have found contradicting results compared to an earlier study on gum flavour.

  • How do you account for this difference in results between this experiment and Dr. R. Garcha’s ?
  • Which experiment has produced more reliable results?


What brand of gum flavour will last the longest?



Not all of our hypotheses were wrong. Dr. Lily’s hypothesis was actually correct. She explained how she thought the Starbucks brand of gum flavour would not be first.

When we observed the experiment we noticed that the Starbucks brand gum was not favourited by many people. We also noticed that Excel had the best impact. We think that the Starbucks gum had the least flavour because it is not from a real gum brand.

Experiment designed and published by Dr. K. Lee (Ph. D), Dr. L. Ashworth (Ph.D) and Dr. A. Chen (Ph.D) at RCG University.

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