Student-Designed Science Experiment

Over the last couple of weeks, Division 4 students have been designing their own experiments with the purpose of testing some everyday consumer products.

What brand of peppermint chewing gum’s flavour lasts the longest? 

Data Collection:


The results of my experiment are that Dentyne won because of how long the gum flavour lasts, which is the dependent variable. In a blind test, where they did not know what gum brand they were testing, 27 people rated the gum that they tasted on a scale of 1-5, one being the least flavourful.

The independent variable Dentyne was rated the highest out of all the other brands of gum. My hypothesis was that Excel would be the most flavourful because I felt it had more flavour. My hypothesis was incorrect, Dentyne had more flavour than the rest of the brands of gum. Excel came last because it had the least amount of flavour.

The implications is that next time I buy a pack of gum, I will choose Dentyne over Excel. I am now curious how the different brands are made, and if the ingredients are different? I am also curious about whether different people taste the same thing differently? How are our taste buds different?

This experiment was designed and published by Dr. R. Garcha, Ph D. (RCG University)

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