When: Wednesday, December 7 

Division Four entrepreneurs are busily preparing for our upcoming business fair. This is an excellent opportunity to show their salesmanship and innovative ideas. Here’s the stages of this learning task:

Business Plan Organizers


  1. Brainstorm and generate ideas for a product to sell 
  2. Prepare a plan and proposal 
    1. How much will materials cost?
    2. Can you get some materials free or re-use materials?
    3. How will you make it?
  3. Conduct market research; visually represent your data   
    1. Who will buy your product?
    2. What are they willing to pay?
    3. What features or characteristics of the product will be more marketable?
    4. How many units can you expect to sell?
  4. Communicate and share your market research data 
    1. What is the best way to show your data?
    2. Does it meet the criteria above?
  5. Submit proposal and market research to Mr. Woelders or Mrs. Weiss 
    • IF approved, students will receive a $10.00 business start-up loan.
    • Total costs can not exceed $10.00 per student, but students may enter into joint business ventures. Please consult your lawyer to ensure that your business agreement is valid and fair.
  6. Design and build your business 
    1. Research some good business and marketing strategies.
    2. Make the objects or items you will sell.
    3. Create a brand name, logo design and identity that is hip, funk, functional and marketable – sell why you are selling this service or item, not the service or item itself
    4. Construct advertisement materials and signage to draw customers.
    5. Create marketing tools such as flyers or online videos to hype your brand.
  7. Be prepared for December 7. 
    • Your booth or table should be prepared to stage your goods or services
    • Signage, materials, sales items should be ready
    • Dress for success, smile and practice good salesmanship
    • Communicate effectively – why should people buy your goods or services?

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