Two Point Perspective Drawing

Create a 3D perspective drawing using two point linear perspective. Draw a house and yard, a city scene or street scene.

  1. Draw a light horizontal line across the middle of the paper for your horizon line.
  2. Draw two vanishing points on the horizon line at opposite sides of the paper.
  3. Use the vanishing points to align all your guidelines.
  4. Draw your guidelines using a ruler. Draw them very lightly so they can be erased.
  5. Use pencil shading to show depth, perspective and light/dark contrast.
  6. Use a fine liner to outline the drawing.



  1. Make concessions to other areas of learning (math)
    • Carefully plan out and measure distance and depth?
    • Did you use ruler for guidelines?
    • Do all guidelines align with one of the two vanishing points?
  2.   Develop and improve techniques.  
    • Did you use very light guidelines?
    • Did you clearly identify two vanishing points on the edges of the paper?
    • Did you erase guidelines when no longer needed?
    • Did you effectively use a fine liner black pen to outline and shade?
    • Did you effectively use vanishing points to show depth and perspective?
  3. Adapts learned skills for new purposes and audiences. 
    • Did you carefully use shading techniques to show depth, detail and light/dark contrast?
    • Is the drawing well presented? Is it well positioned on the drawing surface?


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