Which computer should I get?

In the world we live in, there are a lot of choices when it comes to work and school technology. Most people choose based on their own preference of what they think is trendy or cool, not on what is the best value or performance. Some people are loyal to a brand, like Apple or Samsung, but don’t actually look into which machine offers a better quality product.

I have a dilemma that I need your help with. My work computer (Apple MacBook Pro 15″) has come to the end of its life. I have three options to replace it with:

  • OPTION #1: Dell Latitude 5285
  • OPTION #2: Apple iPad Pro 12.7″ with Apple Pencil & Apple Keyboard
  • OPTION #3: Apple MacBook Air 13″

Now, while some people might choose based on coolness or trendiness, good thinkers use criteria and knowledge to make good decisions.

So here’s the task class… You guys get to help me decide. You decide the criteria. You do the research. And you will come to a consensus to help me make the decision… Let’s face it, these are the kinds of everyday decisions adults make. They require knowledge, thinking skills, math and research skills to find out who to trust for advice.

Here’s what I need my machines for:

  • online blogging & website creation
  • note taking at meetings and conferences
  • basic photo and PDF editing
  • creating and editing short movies (using apps like iMovie)
  • drawing and sketching diagrams and illustrations
  • teaching math and science (using apps like Explain Everything)
  • editing/feedback of student work
  • create graphic organizers and documents for students
  • textbook writing & editing
  • show films to audiences
  • create high-quality slideshow presentations for large audiences

***I should add, that I already have a iPad Pro 1 9.7″ with an Apple Pencil.

Here’s the criteria our class thinks I should consider when making my decision? 

  • good screen and graphics quality
  • portable/light and durable/strong quality
  • long battery life and good charging capacity
  • large storage capacity for video and photos
  • value for the price
  • accessories
  • can run apps that I need and websites efficiently
  • decent screen size so you can have multiple apps open
  • not too complicated to use

The class then edited and ranked the criteria in order of how important they should be in making our decision.

1.     can do all/most of the things I need it to do efficiently
2.     large storage capacity for video and photos
3.     long battery life and good charging capacity
4.     portable/light and durable/strong quality
5.     good screen and graphics quality
6.     accessories: ports for projection (HDMI; video)
7.     value for the price
8.     not too complicated to use
9.     decent screen size so you can have multiple apps open

Here’s some initial thinking from students using the criteria and some knowledge they gained about the options:

We will synthesize all our research and come to a consensus next class!