Division 4 is working toward a LEARNING CONFERENCE that all students will be presenting at in our classroom in the final week of school. Each student is preparing an IGNITE TALK on a topic of his/her choice. This is an opportunity to become an expert in a topic, learn something new, and refine our writing, communication and thinking skills.

ignite tasks


***You must complete at least one evaluation of one of the sources you are using: SOURCE evaluation form



Ignite Talk Organizer #1

Examples of good topics:


  • The aerodynamics of a humming bird
  • Life lessons from Harry Potter
  • Physics of skating in hockey 
  • Overcoming challenges: the life of LeBron 
  • Will artificial life lead to human extinction? 
  • How will robots change the world? 
  • How to code video games 


Jaden Animal communication (science)
Daniel Is life possible on other planets? Are we alone? (science)
Maria How can we help people with Down Syndrome (science/PHed)
Alivia The perseverance of Jackie Robinson (PHed/Social Studies)
Abhishek The dangers of artificial intelligence: Is Stephen Hawking right that A.I. will lead to human extinction? (Science)
Markus Harmless things that could kill you (PHed/Science)
 Matteo  The dangers and life cycles of stars (Science)
 Kaitlyn  Lessons learned from Harry Potter (PHed)
 Ayden  How to figure skate (Science/PHed)
 Ryla  The backboard story of Lebron (PHed/Social Studies)
 Michael  The past and future iPhone (Science)
 Didar  Do fidget spinners work?
 Jadon  Blackholes and whiteholes
 Jacob  Why Artificial Intelligence will take over the world
 Tyler  How to stay on a diet
 Kriselle  How do cameras work?
 Isaiah  How kids’ television can teach you life lessons
 Ryan  The physics and evolution of skates
 Serena  How machines are changing the world
 Aichen  What is the most important organ in the body?
 Karon  Saving bottlenose dolphins
 Aubrey  The beaver created Canada
 Lily  The evolution of rock and roll


Ignite Talk Organizer #2

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