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My name is Adam Woelders… or rather, “Mr. Woelders” to some, and “Woelders sonsangnim” to a few others… I consider myself very blessed to have been inspired by many great teachers to pursue a career in education. I am also fortunate to have worked with so many great colleagues who have been mentors and great role models for what excellence in teaching looks like…  there’s far too many people who have shaped me to possibly capture here.

I have also had the opportunities to do a lot of things in this career. So far, in sixteen years of education, I’ve been an administrator, a university instructor, a special education teacher, a coordinator of an International Baccalaureate programme. I’ve taught in great schools internationally, in the public system and in independent schools. I have also taught the full spectrum of students from K-5, to middle school, and high school. Today, at this point in the journey, I am thrilled and excited to be your child’s teacher.

Education is the most powerful tool at our disposal to positively transform lives, encourage a noble and ethical character, and provide young and older people with the skills, values and knowledge we need to create a better future, locally and globally. We are living in the midst of a great revolution in how we “do school” – more so than ever before, “school” is not a place limited by four walls and a bell schedule. The world has changed a lot since I was in school, and so I would expect that my child’s experience in school should look very different than mine did. This isn’t all about technology however, … in fact technology has very little to do with it, except that we need to teach and model for children how to use the new tools to learn timeless truths and explore new understandings of their world, and how to use them responsibly, ethically and creatively. Education today should be engaging, allowing students opportunities to design, create and think deeply about the past, present and future issues that shape us. I want my kid’s school experience to provide them with opportunities to make mistakes, learn from them, and become better thinkers, problem solvers, communicators and innovators.

Outside of my passion for teaching, I am passionate about being a husband to my amazing wife and being dad to my two sons and little daughter. In our house we love to be outdoors, hang out around our house with friends and family, and we really love soccer and making authentic pizza.


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