Lit circles week 4

Students met Wednesday with Mrs. Weiss to clarify lit circle jobs and due dates, and we answered any questions they had about the process. In their lit circle duotang is a yellow sheet titled “lit circle notes” which has all the information they need to continue forward into week 4. We discussed the process at length. 

All lit circle readings and jobs for week 4 will be due Wednesday morning, February 1, for discussion group meetings. 

Students have been working diligently and enjoying their books. Keep up the good work!

Folk dance

Many thanks to the Surrey international folk dance society who came out to RCG this past week and taught our students some folk dances from a variety of countries. Check out div four dance “Sacha” from Russia. ​

Literature Circles

Happy new year div. 4 families.

Students have chosen their first lit circle book and have met with their group. All week 1 readings and jobs will be due on Wed, Jan 11 in the morning with Mrs. Weiss. Please check in with your child about their book, their job, and how much reading they need to do  for next wed. 

Students can use in class independent reading time for reading. Some work may need to be done at home this weekend. 

Thanks, Mrs. Weiss 


Hello everyone!  Mrs. Weiss here. 

Every Thursday, right after lunch, Div. 4 participates in a word game challenge called “Chasers.”  Students are encouraged to “chase” after words that follow certain criteria or patterns:  ie; certain letter groupings, letter sounds, word lengths, word meanings, specialty words, etc.  After brainstorming on their own for 2 minutes, students then share their words around the classroom, and we create a master list of all their creative word ideas (with correct spellings!)  We also discuss patterns we see in the words, and talk about their definitions.
Students then have an opportunity to do activities with their word “data.”   Activities are wide and varied, and can include data collection, math calculations, writing activities, and even art!  Students can also “apply” to be a leader, and run chasers, and a few have done a great job so far.
Ask your students about Chasers and some of the words and ideas they have brainstormed.  I have created a specific set of Learning Standards for Chasers, which is linked below.  (This document is a starting point, and may adapt over time, as the students delve deeper into even more creative word patterning and activities.)  Also, keep an eye out on Fresh grade for uploaded samples of Chasers work, coming soon.

Have a great week!

Mrs. W