LiD Year End Presentation

LiD Year-End Celebration of Learning

Division 4 & 16

Each of you will be presenting what you have discovered about your topic so far. The way that you showcase your learning is completely up to you! If one aspect has grabbed your attention and imagination, then plan your presentation around that!

There are a variety of ways you can present your learning such as a:

  • poster display
  • power point or presentation
  • experiment
  • mobile
  • photo album with quotes
  • video/movie
  • interview/news report
  • song/poem/story/play
  • topic in pop culture
  • collection
  • board game
  • diorama/model
  • timeline
  • historical figure representation
  • map of topic
  • written report
  • comic or story book


We have spent many hours researching our topic and have learned so many cool things! How can we present our information in an interesting way? You get to choose! The list above is just a suggestion so if you have a different idea to showcase your learning, please talk to Mr. Woelders or Mrs. Robertson.

Complete a project plan for you and your buddy. Show it to a teacher and ask for feedback before beginning.

Questions to consider…

  • The most fascinating thing I learned about my topic is…
  • Some unexpected that I learned about my topic is…
  • The funniest thing I learned about my topic is…
  • Two things about my topic that I want to learn more about it…
  • Where I will go next with my topic is…


  • Interesting question or topic focus
  • Plan a presentation of learning
  • Effective presentation of my learning
  • Demonstrate expert knowledge of my topic
  • Communicate my learning well to other students and parents
  • Demonstrate research skills using a variety of good sources of information